3 Tips for Relieving Spring Allergies in Tucson

Allergy season is getting ominously close.  For Arizonans who spend most of winter waiting for the first signs of watery eyes and a scratchy throat, there are a few preemptive steps you can take to make sure that the fear of fresh pollen doesn’t keep you from enjoying nature’s beauty.  Check out a few natural tips for relieving spring allergies in Tucson:

box of Kleenex atop two books1.  Limit  Exposure:  If you’re trying to stay healthy while battling allergies, there are ways to work up a sweat without inhaling a ton of pollen.  Instead of jogging outdoors, head down to the Mission Tierra Fitness Center for a run, or try out some apartment-friendly indoor exercises instead, like yoga and pilates.

2.  Stop by the Farmers Market:  This may sound far-fetched, but a teaspoon of local honey a day definitely helps reduce symptoms if you stick to the regiment.

3.  Invest in an Air Purifier:  Air purifiers can be expensive, but the HoneyWell Quiet Clean runs around $60, and will eliminate any pollen that manages to sneak into your apartment.  Plus, it’s quiet so you’ll hardly notice it’s there, aside from the fact that you can finally breath through your nose again.

4.  Visit a Clinic:  If allergies are still severely interfering with your life, causing perpetual sinus infections or not responding to OTC meds, it may be time to visit an allergy clinic near Tucson, like Allergy Partners of Arizona, to discuss a more extensive treatment plan

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